Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021.001.20138 Repack

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021.001.20138 Repack

Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro DC is a well-rounded PDF reader that provides cloud sharing, carefully selected text reading options, and a couple of handy editing features. The application is fitted with a brand new visual layer that follows the flat tiles trend of Windows 10 and does a pretty good job of implementing it. Buttons and menus all look and feel natural, with intuitive graphics and descriptions accompanying them to make accommodation a walk in the park for newcomers.

With the main window up, various areas and tools can be accessed with ease, thus serving as a dashboard and starting point for opening PDF files. Users can even sign up for an Adobe account to gain access to its cloud, making it easy to share docs across all supported devices. Users are most likely familiar with everyday operations like opening a PDF document and setting Adobe Reader as a default application for accessible PDFs. Once opened, the user benefits from an impressive amount of navigation, viewing, and some editing options that can be used to advantage.

To eliminate distractions and focus on the text shown on the screen, the user can hide any unnecessary menus and switch to full screen as well as toggle multiple viewing modes. For instance, if a user cannot always keep its eyes on the text (which is not even recommended due to eye strain), the user can set up an automatic reader to configure and have entire documents or just lines spoken to out loud by a digital voice.

A side panel can be used for natural page selection in case the user wants to jump to a specific part of the PDF quickly. At the same time, the built-in search utility can be used to identify particular words or text in no time at all. Another cool thing about it is that users can better define search criteria with options to search in the document itself or custom locations, target a word or phrase, as well as configure more delicate settings like character casing, bookmarks, and comments.

Manipulation is also possible – not for text editing but rather extracting it as easy as selecting and copying words. The same goes for images or any other area after dragging a box around the objects of interest. In terms of PDF export, a standard method is printing, where different options let users carefully adjust page elements and specifications. Furthermore, the document can be saved with any changes or added comments to the same format, saved as plain text, or even delivered by email using an installed client.

The bottom line is that Adobe Acrobat Reader manages to stay ahead of the competition by delivering new, fresh features with every update. Starting with the clean visual design, a large variety of management and viewing options, as well as the highly-intuitive interface, the application makes sure the user has everything it needs for working with PDFs.

Spoiler: Key features:
Industry-leading security:

Take advantage of the security of Protected Mode in Reader, which helps safeguard user’s computer software and data from malicious code.
Enhanced commenting tools:

Make notes and share feedback with others by marking up PDF documents using the Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools.
Simplified user interface:

View information more precisely and efficiently. Choose reading mode to fit more content on the screen or two-up mode to view page spreads. Use keyboard shortcuts like print, zoom, and find within the browser.
Comprehensive file searching:

Find and retrieve any PDF document or phrase within a document in seconds. Search for words in page content, annotations, bookmarks, form fields, or document metadata within any PDF file on a local computer.
Opening PDF Portfolios:

Open and view contents of a PDF Portfolio, a collection of PDF documents, and other document types, including drawings, email messages, spreadsheets, and videos.
Electronic form submission:

Fill, save, sign, and electronically submit forms that have been Reader enabled by Adobe LiveCycle ES2 or Adobe Acrobat software.
Flash technology support:

Enable a new level of end-user interaction thanks to the ability of Reader to natively display rich media content created with Adobe Flash technology.
CAD and geospatial functionality:

Reader users can access and interact with CAD designs and geospatial maps that have been converted to PDF.
Access to all PDF files:

View and interact with PDF files that contain a wide variety of content types, including drawings, email messages, spreadsheets, videos, and other multimedia elements.
Online services:

Directly access online services at from within Reader X. Perform everyday tasks such as creating PDF files, securely sharing and storing documents, and screen-sharing.
International standards:

Take advantage of support for the new ISO Standard 32000 for PDF. Also, Reader continues to support PDF/A, the ISO-approved standard for the long-term preservation of electronic documents; PDF/X (printing); PDF/H; PDF/E (engineering); XMP/RDF; and ODBC.

Let Reader X read out loud, or change the reading order of columns. The Reader meets the accessibility requirements mandated by Section 508 of the amended U.S. Rehabilitation Act.
Deployment tools:

Manage Reader deployments using the Adobe Customization Wizard, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP), Windows Group Policy Objects, or Active Directory.
Security standards:

Enjoy support for measures such as SOAP/WSDL, XSD, Kerberos, W3C XML digital signatures, 256-bit AES, OASIS WS-Security, HTTP/HTTPS, RSA, XML encryption, and ECMAScript for XML (E4X) in the JavaScript interpreter. The Reader is NIST PKI test-suite compliant.

Extend the functionality of Adobe Reader X using the Acrobat software development kit (SDK), available free of charge.
Multilingual User Interface:

Install French, German, and Spanish simultaneously, and then switch among them using the Adobe Multilingual User Interface (MUI). The user interface also changes to the appropriate language on-the-fly.


System requirements:
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, and Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit);
CPU: 1.5GHz or faster processor;
HDD: 380MB of available hard-disk space;
Display: 1024×768 screen resolution
Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 (Windows 8 minimum), 11; Firefox Extended support release.

Install notes:
1. Run the executable file or command-line interpreter program for silent installation (automatic activation);
2. For manual activation extract and follow instructions inside the “Readme.txt”;
3. Enjoy!

NOTE: If the user prefers manual activation, the thread also includes the medicine and description of the manual procedure. Kindly read “Readme.txt” or watch the video “How to install.mp4”!

Repack features:
Type: Setup installation;
Languages: Multilingual;
Treatment: Manual [keygen-XFORCE + hosts] or automatic [PAINTER].

Note: when using automatic activation, all network services will be disabled!

Command line options:
setup_file.exe -y -nr -gm2
“%WINDIR%\Temp\AdobeAcrobatDC\AcrobatHelper.exe” /S /AUTO
RD /S /Q “%WINDIR%\Temp\AdobeAcrobatDC”

setup_file.exe -y -nr -gm2
“%WINDIR%\Temp\AdobeAcrobatDC\AcrobatHelper.exe” /S /MANUAL
RD /S /Q “%WINDIR%\Temp\AdobeAcrobatDC”

Choosing an installation location: /D = PATH
The /D = PATH key should be the most recent
For example: “%WINDIR%\Temp\AdobeAcrobatDC\AcrobatHelper.exe” /S /AUTO /D = C:\MyProgram


Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to KpoJIuK, who made and shared the repack version with us!

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