Build Builder 11Pro PE Windows 11 Pro x64 22000.100 Aug 2, 2021 Pre-Activated_

Build Builder 11Pro PE

Here is everything you will need to start building your own OS’s
These are the tools I use, and do pretty decent with sometimes 

Boots a fully functional Live Windows PE using Hirens tools and a Windows SETUP Icon.

The OS is a basic install of Windows 11 Pro, with a few addons for
windows, and quite a few building tools. I didnt include Winreducer8
simply because I still dislike Windows8 and want no part of it in my life lol.
It’s readily available here on the site, just use the searchbar and profit!

Before we get too far into it, here is the ONLY help available. Building discussion is ONLY allowed
in PRIVATE MESSAGES or PRIVATE GROUP MESSAGES. NO building discussion allowed in ANY forum on TeamOS.

Tips & Tricks – Windows 10 Building and Modding and Custom OS”s
Part 1 ok…..class is in session This Post is made so NOONE has to EVER ask in chat again HOW to build an OS. It is against the rules. However, information is sketchy at best out there on the NET and I’d rather take the time to build this tutorial than to have someone post badly done trash…

Tutorials – How to change Windows 10 setup window and screen manually!!
1- You can change Windows 10 setup window and screen like in the photo: 2- First of all: You should use a resource hacking tool (I use Reshacker and Resource Tuner – you can google them) 3- Inside the Windows iso: GO to the the Sources folder and then locate the file boot.wim (like in…

Windows 11 Pro x64 22000.100
Updated to August 2, 2021
Language: English
Size: 5.6gb

NOTE: Activated and included on desktop just in case.

System requirements
Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or more.
Disk Space: 20gb for default install, MORE for post install programs.
Graphics adapter: Microsoft DirectX 9 or later graphics device.



30 Custom Cursors
DX9 Updates
Google Chrome
MS Visual Basic AIO
Quadrates Icon Pack
Right Click Enhancer
Smart Defrag
Windows10 All Settings

Build Tools Installed
VirtualBox & Extension Pack
WinReducer Win7
WinReducer Win10/11
Resource Hacker
VHD Manager
VHD Attatch

NOTE: Boot Image Files (.BIF) are located in C:\Boot Image Files. Use these with UltraISO to make bootable media.

NOTE: Virtualbox is set to DEFAULT directory for VM’s, CHANGE THIS under FILE/PREFERENCES from toolbar.
Optional Installs
NTLite x86
NTLite x64
NTLite Beta
RT7 Lite x86
RT7 Lite x64



Burn ISO to Flashdrive then boot to said device.

Click on torrent (below) then remember to SEED when downloaded!

Build Builder 11Pro PE Windows 11 Pro x64 22000.100 Aug 2, 2021 Pre-Activated_


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