Microsoft Windows 7 Pro SP1 HP OEM 64bit with Activator_

I recently posted a windows 7 64 bit version came with a used computer
I purchased years ago – the dealer threw in two original Microsoft
installation disks – 32 bit and 64 bit versions. I’ve previously posted
an upload of the 32bit version. Here is an HP OEM disc version for you
this time around, in a Windows 7 PRO 64 bit version

As you may know the 32bit versions apparently only utilize
up to 4GB RAM in what it uses for itself and further makes available to your
applications while the 64bit version does not have that 4GB limitation – 8GB+
systems with Windows installed have been commonplace for more than just a few
years now I believe in any event. I’ve also posted a 64bit Windows 10 version
for you additionally

Our own ISO files are created using POWERISO 5.5 downloaded from the net
and are bootable as this one, of course. Burn the iso file to a blank DVD5 disc
using your DVD burner drive and thereby create a bootable installation disc.

When installing skip the product code entry and the on-line
validation, and instead load the Windows 7 activator after installation is completed,
Run the loader win 7 activation program from (its in the separate
folder). If you do have an HP OEM version product code, you can use it if you find
it matches this Windows version. This activator ios clean and passes Kaspersky
tests and has long worked for me in many installs/re-installs.

While installing windows, you will sometimes/even most often see an annoying
message from the installation procedure section of the windows operating
program which says the hard disk you want to install windows on
“cannot be used with windows” (because it is partitioned using
MBR or GPT – the two variant options in use) when it should
simply say that it needs to switch from one type to the other
depending on what its requiring the partition type to be in order
to proceed.

When this happens, simply access the command prompt from the
installation screen at the start (shift F10) and then type the following
commands from the command prompt:

list disk
select disk 0 (if that;s the right disk number)
clean (that will erase whats on the disk – windows often
wont proceed without the CLEAN command – saying it cannot convert
when you do use this command – which it doesn’t tell you to use by the way)
convert MBR (or convert GPT) this is the final command
to convert to whichever type of partition format windows is requiring
for the particular installation you are doing.

If the CLEAN command is inappropriate for you (such as when you
wish to retain some data on the hard disk, use a program like EASUS
– downloadable from torrent sites additionally) to convert partition
type and to so before installing this copy of windows.

You will often find that even basic LAN driver versions
such as from INTEL Broadcom Rrealtek etc missing from Windows
installation files versions, and therefore you should download
such typically found drivers from the HP or LAN Card
manufacturer’s site. I’m including a mini sized Realtek LAN driver
as it worked with a couple of the HP 110 series computers and is
small in size.

Also annoying is that when (a much useful facility on
computers nowadays) a USB 3 port is in fact part
of your computers hardware from the factory (such as on both
our various HP-110 model computers – 217c and 430 – we found that
the AMD chipset driver for Windows 7 64 bit at the HP site
are missing the USB 3 drivers) That’s annoying as hell – as there
is no PCI-E port to install a VL805 or NEC based inexpensive
(currently such as at amazon and elsewhere) 2 port of 4 port
USB 3 port card – it comes with drivers for Windows 7 too
and windows 10 certainly also). Instead the AMD chipset driver
at the AMD website from their most early releases is included
for you here – as it worked to provide USB 3 driver functionality for the
on board USB 3 port on our HP 110 computer 217c to start – even if
you don’t use the graphics card drivers also bundled with this driver
installer utility from AMD  

The DAZ release windows 7 activator included here sometimes in rare
cases involving hard drives with multiple partitions may not install
correctly. A different version of the “DAZ” Windows 7 activator which is apparently
available through KMspico (but is rejected as a trojan by Kaspersky
at other virus checking programs) does work in multi-partition
circumstances though if you trust the activator as these virus checking
programs sometimes certainly are known to give false positives in
such cases. Caveat emptor.


Michael Rizzo Chessman
Former Database programmer – Microsoft Foxpro

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro SP1 HP OEM 64bit with Activator_


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