MS Windows 7 Netframe 4.8 offline installation pckg with fixes

Netframe is a type of program type that is referred to as providing
“runtime support” for various programs written to include its capabilities
in order to make the programing of related application modules more efficient
in relying and making use of the library of support features programmers can draw
on and make use of to minimize coding of added programs related to it.

Programs you install on your computer may sometimes require Netframe software
to be pre-installed on your computer, or may attempt to download and install
while other programs which require its presence on your computer, are in the process
of being added.

This package is a stand-alone version of the latest Netframe version 4.8
(for Windows 7 installations – either 64 bit or 32 bit, both facilities are

To begin with as you may encounter a “Root certificate error” while trying to
install the main Netframe off-line version installer module included for you here
suggest you begin with a right (mouse) click on the MicRooCerAut2011.crt file
and select to install the certificate (its downloaded from microsoft too
as are all the files included here, at some point). Do not select to install
the ceritifcate in the “Usual places they are stored” (prompt option which will show
next on your screen, instead select tp browse for the “Trusted root certification authorities”
store folder and have it placed in there.

If you try at this point you may still encounter a furtther (timestamp etc) error in yet
trying to install Netframe 4.8 installer module, so you should consider finally first
running either the 32 bit or 64 bit windows update program version KB3033929
(Make sure you run the right version as running the 64 bit version on a 32 bit computer
will simply result in a “not for your computer” error after a couple or so minutes, rather
than being told its the 32 bit version you need to run (older laptop etc)

A rar format (usually compressed file folder) can be unzipped of its contents
by using a free program such a 7zip etc (downloadable o the net at their sites)

After running the windows update, all should be set to finally fun the Netframe 4.8 installer
and lead to a successful installation completion.

Good luck

Michael Rizzo Chessman
Former programmer – Microsoft Foxpro

MS Windows 7 Netframe 4.8 offline installation pckg with fixes


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