Window 10 SuperLite_10 23723 v9045.3269

Window 10 SuperLite_10 23723 v9045.3269

General Information:
Version/Build: 19045.3269
Architecture: x64
Size: 1.3 GB
Language: En-US
Author: SanMir
Activation: Not included, use your preferred activator

After installing this build, you have an Operating System but have nothing to use.
Your machine doesn’t have the following:
1. Browser
2. Security Center
3. No Anti Virus
4. No Microsoft application
5. No update coming in
6. No Microsoft store

Spoiler: What to do?

After installation completed
1. Install the driver of your machine.
2. Install apps you needed.
3. No more complain of things that was removed. Everything done on purpose.
4. Better try it first on VM.
Good luck and enjoySpoiler: Note:

1. The number “23723” is the year – day- month of build
2. If no exact drivers of your machine prepared, do not use this.



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