Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019.3770 x86 Multi (32 Bit)

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019.3770 x86 Multi (32 Bit)

File Name: Win10EntLTSC_2019.3770_x86_Multi.iso

Format: ESD

This is a Lite version of Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x86 with updates till December 2022.

This version of Windows can be installed from USB/ DVD drive as a fresh installation only. Upgrades not allowed. Use Rufus or AnyBurn for bootable media creations. 

Notes: Ability to choose between Defender and Non Defender Editions during Setup. Future monthly cumulative updates cannot be installed.You can’t upgrade your current OS! This is done so that OS will remain stable and not break with frequent MS Updates. Page File /Virtual Memory is enabled by default. If you want more hard disk space at the cost of low memory, disable it. But remember that disabling Page File /Virtual Memory might lead to frequent system crashes with Games and Graphic heavy Software’s. Beware of the Memory limitations of x86 Builds (Upto 4.00GB System RAM). If you have a higher configuration PC, I suggest you use my x64 Builds instead. Please do update Defender definitions once the Defender Edition OS is installed.

Some features of this release:

– Highly Stable;

– Compact size of installation media;

– Uses very less Hard Disk space (Approx: 4.50 GB) with Page File enabled.

– Latest Cumulative Updates till December 2022;

– Windows Defender is intact and Updatable;

– .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.8 Pre-Installed;

– WMP and media features are intact;

– IE 11 is present and can be disabled if required;

– .Net3.5 and .Net4.8 Updates integrated;

– All x86 software/apps compatibility;

– Supports almost all Hardware;

– Default Windows drivers remain. Nothing removed;

– Some registry tweaks applied for Stability;

– PageFile / Virtual Memory present;

– Remaining features can be turned on or off;

– Language packs / Keyboard Layouts can be downloaded and installed;

Features removed:

– All Windows Bloatware;

– Windows Backup;

– Windows Update;

– Hibernation;

– Smart Screen;

– Tablet PC;

– Cortana;

– Hyper-V;

– Ease of Access;

– Face Recognition;

– Cache and Telemetry;

– User Account Control;

– Bit Locker Drive Encryption, 

– Remote Assistance and Desktop features;

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