Windows 11 Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer 22000.346 Pre-Activated

Windows 11 Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer 22000.346 Pre-Activated

◄◄ Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer ►►



  • 22000.346

◄◄ Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer ►►
– 22000.346 –
►► EXTREME Gaming Performance! ◄◄​

▬ Designed to breathe new life into your PC ▬


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► Designed to work well on older low spec PC’s.
► Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes.
► Improves System Responsiveness.
► Reduces Boot Time, and software loading times.
► Improves gaming and productivity performance.
► Enhances Desktop looks with taskbar transparency and added themes.
► Also Great for use on modern high end PC’s.

EXTREME Gaming Performance! Fast, Smooth, Light, and Tweaked to give you extreme performance for your gaming needs! Support for UWP Apps and Xbox Game Pass.
Uses less than 400 MB Idle RAM!, Low CPU Processes, Fast Installation, Extreme Performance for Productivity and Gaming, Lightning fast Boot and Load times.
Removed features include – Cortana, Edge, Internet Explorer, One Drive, Defender, Windows Mail, Hyper-V, Backup and Restore, Speech, WSL, Maps, Mixed Reality, Optional Features
Disabled Features include – Error Reporting, Feature and Security Updates, UAC, Ads, Telemetry, Paging File, Hibernation, Power Throttling, Automatic Maintenance and Download Blocking
Additions include enhanced Desktop Beauty with Transparent Task bar and Additional Themes, Additional Context Menu Options, Basic Game Suite, and Basic Tools in Start Menu to Give you back control of your Windows Desktop.
We want YOU to have control over your Windows, so we chose not to Pre Install much software, or Web Browsers, because we know everyone’s needs, and preferences are different. But, we included several web browser installation files to get you going, in the ‘Start Menu’s’ ‘Tools’ Folder, you’ll find a shortcut for the ‘0ptional’ software included, like browsers, additional Firewall, and much more.
DirectPlay and .NET Framework 3.5 Pre-Installed
Highly recommend writing to USB with Rufus, For Clean Install Only.

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Windows 11 Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer 22000.346 Pre-Activated


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