Windows 11 Pro Slim [Build 21996.1] Pre-Activated_

Its a Consumer Edition so………………….​

General Info:
Version: Windows 11
OS build: 21996.1 (Consumer Edition)
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: English during installation (you can add your language later)
File Size: 2.2GB
Treatment: windows are activated

all windows bloatware (except windows store & xbox)
cache and temp files
easy transfer
input method editor
one drive
map Control
manual setup
microsoft Edge (IE is not working so grab your browser in a usb before installation)
retail demo Content
some fonts are missing
speech recognition
speech TTS
Windows Mixed Reality
winSXS is cleared
windows biometric services
windows Reader (PDF)
Windows Biometric Service
TV Tuner codecs and support







Windows 11 Pro Slim [Build 21996.1] Pre-Activated_


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