Windows 11 Ultralight v3 22H2.22621.1037 MPB


OS build : 22621.1037
Edition : UltraLight v3
Version : 22H2
Arch : x64amd
Lang : en-US
Author: Phrankie11
Compression: ESD
ISO Size: 2.53gb
Installed Size: 4gb

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
RAM: 2GB or Higher
Hard Disk: Atleast 6gb or Higher
Processor: 2-4 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 cores or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor

Install Methods

Rufus: GPT & MBR
Ventoy: MBR

Build Notes

Anything Special?

– Added registry tweaks to boost performance
– Added 3rd Party apps tweaks to boost performance
– Added services tweaks to boost performance
– Added built in tweaks to boost performance
– Added powerplan tweaks to boost performance
– Only 4gb Installed size
– Defender is working but disabled as default
– Bloatware Free
– Full support for Fonts
– Fullsupport for Keyboards
– Full support for Languages
– Printing enabled
– Windows Hello Present
– Bypassed All Requirements of windows 11 installation
– LZX Compression applied
– Bypassed Microsoft Account creation during setup
– Framework .Net 3.5 integrated


– All UWP Apps except Defender but disabled as default
– All system apps except Windows Search, Powershell, Windows Hello and Framework .Net 3.5
– Remote Desktop
– Remote Access
– Night Light
– Backup and Restore
– Rollback
– Hyper V
– Tablet PC
– Mobile PC
– Multipoint
– etc..

Pre-installed Programs/Drivers

Framework .Net 3.5
Windows Update Blocker
Wiindows Defender Control
Windows Defender


1. I removed all windows apps except Defender in order to the user choose what they only want to install in MS Store
2. I disabled as default the windows security protection or defender to not interrupt what the user doing but you can
easily enable it by using windows defender control located in file explorer or my computer and in optional folder pinned at the left side
3. I include MS Store installer in optional folder in order the user install what they want and to choose their desired apps but
remember before installing ms store just enable first the windows update blocker in optional folder
4. The user will notice after the first boot that no browser installed but I put two browser installer in optional folder
5. Windows drivers update is disabled only microsoft stuff or update will recieved when the user run the updates on the other hand
windows update to the higher version is not working for example from 22621.889 to 22621.963
6. To use printing install first your driver and set the print spooler service to manual and your done
7. I added all video tutorials below in case the user need guides

Spoiler: How To Enable Defender

Spoiler: How To Install MS Store

Spoiler: Tutorial For Program Crashing, Not Responding and Application Error

Spoiler: How To Enable Updates

Spoiler: How To Enable Pinning To Taskbar

Spoiler: How To Activate This Build

Spoiler: Tutorial To Re Apply The Display After Updating The Display Driver

Spoiler: How To Change Local Account Tutorial

Windows 11 Ultralight v3 22H2.22621.1037 MPB


Author: Dimas

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