Windows 10 Pro 21H1 x64 Compact Slim [19043.1023] v2 Pre-Activated_

​General Info:
Version: 21H1
OS build: 19043.1023
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: En-US during installation (you can add your language later)
File Size: 2.8GB
Author: Jerry_Xristos – TeamOS
Treatment: windows are activated (activator included at desktop folder just in case)

all windows bloatware except windows store
Agent Activation Runtime
Action Center
AllJoyn Router Service
Application Virtualization
Modern App support 32bit
Assigned Access
BranchCache Client
Cache and temp files
Easy transfer
Floppy disc
Infraded devices
Map control
Microsoft Edge
One drive
Point of Service (POS)
Storage Spaces
Speech TTS
Speech recognition
Windows Mixed Reality
Windows Reader (PDF)
Windows Provisioning
Windows Push Notifications
winSXS cleared
and more……………..

theme added
added PowerShell to Context Menu
added control panel to context menu
added shut down to context menu
added Task View to context menu
added Kill all not responding tasks to context menu
added open command window here as administrator
added compact OS mode to context menu
added ownership to context menu
added computer managment to context menu
added personalize to context menu (you can change your themes from there)
added windows mode to context menu
added Empty Recycle Bin context menu
added Safe Mode to Desktop context menu
added Accounts Settings to Context Menu
added God Mode at Context Menu
added System Protection at context menu
added Windows Update to Context Menu
Dark mode enabled
restore photo viewer
windows updates are disable until 2050
skipped EULA page (during installation)
skipped online account – microsoft (during installation)

Programs added:
startisback aio 1.0.30
Old new explorer
7zip X64
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable
ESET Internet Security v14.0.22.0 (use TNod User & Password Finder to find new key)





Windows 10 Pro 21H1 x64 Compact Slim [19043.1023] v2 Pre-Activated_


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